An Article based on excursion

Knowledge is Power. Since the time of Socrates or even before the person with the knowledge were respected and used to be crowned as suprima of human kindness. It doesn’t mean knowledge is gained only through learning and mugging up the books. Anybody can be enlightened on any subject matter even through observation, speech,day to day work experience. Actually knowledge retention is more and long lasting through observation and work experience than just reading. Based on this principle our respected sir, Asst. professor AnantaPrakashSubedi organized a one day excursion program so that we students could get adequate idea and information regarding medicinal and aromatic plants. We are grateful to him for his selfless contribution in enhancing our knowledge.

The excursion program was fixed for one day. A tight schedule was made to visit three target locations. These locations were fixed by our sir which could fulfill our following objectives…

  • To gain knowledge about different medicinal plants , their therapeutic properties and benefits.
  • To get acquainted with different aromatic plants grown in chitwan condition.
  • To have a precise knowledge on Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines.
  • To understand about yoga and its forms
  • To understand about naturopathy and its methodology.


Early in the morning when fog was still hovering the atmosphere with chill, sir arrived at the gate of AFU with two buses for touring.Students got divided and patched up with respective vehicles to hit the journey. Then the bus moved its way to the first destination, Bishnu Herbal Farm, Chanauli. On the way to the farm our bus stopped at ShivalayaMandir where we got introduced with the proprietor of Herbal farm, DandaPaniKafle. It was our privilege to meet such a decent man with only goal of social service. Not only he had immense know how on Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, he came out to be the yoga guru. Consequently he made us practice some pranayams and different aasanas, thus rejuvenating our tissues shrunk by the winter. Thanks to him. Then he took us to his farm,Bishnu herbal Farm.



Located in an inner part of Chanauli the farm was extended in an area of more than 10 ropanis. As he guided us around his cultivated farm showing up different herbs cultivated, we came to know that there were more than 100 medicinal herbs cultivated in his farm. He explained us about different herbs and there possible therapeutic benefits. Furthermore, We got an idea on cultivation practice of different herbs via him. It was amazing to know that a small herb could even heal cancer. Some herbs and their benefits he talked of are listed below.


Tulsi Leaves Cough, cold, fever,allergy
Avijalo Leaves ,stem Pinas
Kurilo Spear Bone strengthening
Jaraapaate Roots, leaves Immunization
Sarphagandha Stem flower Psychosomatic disease
Kala megg(cetamoljhar) ———– Typhoid ,fever,headache


The major concern raised in the visit to the farm was regarding the endangerment of these valuable herbs due to both over and underexploitation. Now its over our shoulder to preserve the herbs , flourish the herbs and obviously promote these herbs to make them secure fot our future generation.

Our second destination was the District Ayurved Health Centre(DAHC),Ratnanagar, almost one and half hour far from our first destination by bus.There we came to know about the present situation of ayurvedic medicine trend in Chitwan.Similarly we got acquainted with the services provided by the DAHC. The centre is mainly focused on processing of the medicinal herbs and then produce the medicine as final product.TheDAHC started preparing ayurvedic drugs only 4-5 years ago.

On the premises of the centre, different medicinal plants were found to be grown.Some of them are listed below…

Barro Terminallisbellinica
Amala Emblicaofficinalis
Rajbrikshya Cassia fistula
Bijaysal Pterocarpusmarsupium
Gheu kumara Aloe variegate
Harro Terminalischebula
Sarpagandha Rauwolfiasertpentina
Raktachandan Pterocarpussatalinus
Kapur Cinnamomumglaucescens


Due to lack of manpower and enough budget the centre hasn’t been able to run at its optimal level. We felt sorry to know that the centre produced only two types of drugs concerning major health problems of most Nepalese people. Those medicine are …


  • TrifalaChurna
  • Composition :harro, barro and amala
  • Has a laxative effect and is used against whooping cough,gastritis and constipation.
  • SetoPaladiChurna
  • Composition: herbs like pippali
  • Used against cough and cold.


Although DAHC was established to provide solution to health problem of maximum people of chiwan , its clear it could not work as per its efficacy due to lack of enough support from the government. So its necessary for the related stakeholders to raise the issues regarding activation of the centre .likely the government need to trigger the action for promotion of ayurvedic health care.


After lingering around DAHC for 3 hours we headed our way to Devghat where our final destination was bewaiting us. Amidst the jungle of that sacred land lies the Yogi Narharinath Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital where we walked in to gain whole idea of yoga and naturopathy. There yogiYadunathPokhrel gave us an introductory idea on yoga and nitya karma. Then after Dr. Hem Raj Koirala took an interactive lecture on different forms of yoga and naturopathy. He mentioned about the necessity and relevance of yoga and naturopathy in 21st century. He emphasized from time to time how yoga could be a means to control and prevent health issue of the world right now. Our disruptive lifecycle and irrelevant and irregular life habit has made us prone to different health issues. Thus yoga has become a necessity to check and balance our daily lifecycle and habit and consequently prevent the diseases.

Similarly we came to know that the naturopathy hospital out there dealt with human health problem by using natural remedies. There is restriction to allelopathy and surgery. Being provided with more than 60 beds ,the hospital is at expanding state . Hope it expands well and serve the human kind at its best.

Yogi Narharinath



The tour turn out to be much more fruitful than expected. We came to know about the medicinal plants grown in chitwan. Similarly we got enough idea on their use and benefits. Moreover the issues regarding their preservation and promotion was raised. Hope it takes a better way. Furthermore we got well acquainted with yoga and its forms. Thus this one day tour has has loaded a lot of information and knowledge in me. Indeed this tour has positively changed my life and has handed me a beautiful gift to direct my future in the right path….